The Tony Clay

Let's face it, Tony is the stick-in-the-mud of the group. But he's also the one that tells us how to use all of our electronics, so that's a plus! He's the Preacher at the Phenix City Church of Christ in Alabama and has an amazing wife who without question is his better half and 2 sons who are eerily similar to him (Pray for Mary!)


LeeM Snow

Lee is the Minister for the WSR Church of Christ in Columbus, GA. He loves coffee, guns, Youtube, his barber shop (mainly because you need someone to keep the faux-hawk on point) and is the loud one of the really loud. Lee is the husband of one wife (no Mormonism going on in his household) and an amazing son of his loins.


Ben Hardlastname

Born at a very young age, Ben is the pulpit minister at the Edgewood church of Christ in Columbus, GA. He's extremely lucky to have landed a great girl like Hannah. Together they have two children, Ezra & Colleyanna. He likes anything that is from the 40's or 50's because he's essentially an 80 year old in a 30 year old body.

Absolutely the best...EVER!

These guys are the best with the best stuff. They know all the things and have all the words for them too!

I can't recommend them more for what they do. 

- Guy That Really Exists


See, all B's! What's better than alliteration for a preacher.


- Preaching Student @ Every School

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